March 10, 2004

Acknowledging America’s Judeo-Christian-Islamic Heritage

I was recently appointed as an Executive Vice Chair for the Texas Chapter of the American Muslim Alliance and asked to create a resolution to be sent to the democratic presidential candidates encouraging them to acknoledge America’s Judeo-Christian-Islamic Heritage.

WHEREAS..... our founding fathers recognized and acknowledged our Divine source in the creation of our government and indicated such in the Declaration of Independence which is the foundational document in our Constitutional form of government and

WHEREAS..... the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all worship the One God of all mankind and we all trace our religious heritage to the same patriarch Abraham and

WHEREAS..... Islamic civilization during the nine centuries spanning from approximately 600 to 1500 AD contributed immensely to the course of human knowledge in such diverse fields as: astronomy, geography, history, mathematics, medicine and physics to name a few, thus heralding and enabling the European Renaissance. By acting as a bridge for Greco-Roman learning to Europe, Islamic civilization is an integral component of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage par excellence and

WHEREAS..... historically our country’s religious heritage has been described as Judeo-Christian and

WHEREAS..... our nation has always had Muslims living in it and now these Muslims constitute a significant number making it the third or likely the second largest religion in the country and the world and

WHEREAS..... we live in the most diverse and pluralistic country on the planet and our success and our blessings have been directly related to our ability to recognize, respect and integrate our various backgrounds and

WHEREAS..... we live in a time when global and political realities necessitate that we engage in the utmost effort to understand one another and build bridges of faith and community be it therefore

RESOLVED that we collectively acknowledge the common Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritage of our country and be it further RESOLVED that we encourage the use of this language as an effort to further strengthen and unify our country in our striving to make it a more perfect union.

Posted by Yahya at March 10, 2004 02:47 PM
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