April 01, 2004

A Reminder of How THE Conflict Began

...just in case people still don't get it, this is how it pretty much all began and how it has continued for >50 years:

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 4/1/04


JERUSALEM -- Jewish settlers protected by Israeli police moved into a
crowded Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem before dawn Wednesday, sparking a
clash with angry Arab residents.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was an early supporter of an organized effort
to move Jews into the traditionally Arab eastern sector, and he bought a
house in the walled Old City's Muslim Quarter in 1987. Israel captured the
Old City from Jordan in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

But Wednesday's move by the settlers could prove an embarrassment to Sharon
as he tries to convince President Bush this month in Washington that he is
sincere about plans to withdraw some settlers from parts of the Gaza Strip
and West Bank.

On Wednesday, Israeli soldiers dismantled two uninhabited Jewish outposts
in the West Bank, consisting of a couple of empty shipping containers, a
tent and a shack.

In recent years, hawkish Jewish groups have steadily strengthened their
footing in Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, and now an estimated
180,000 Jews live there.

On Wednesday, eight Jewish families moved into a new six-story apartment
building in East Jerusalem, and a dozen religious-school students moved
into part of an older Arab family compound.

After the move was completed, armed settlers and police officers guarded
the entrances and kept watch from rooftops...


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