March 31, 2004

Christians-Muslims: Anti-Alcohol

this article is NOT for the drinkers on my list: =;)


Chicago Tribune, 3/26/04,1,1869430.story?coll=chi-newslocalchicago-hed

PLAINFIELD, Ind. - American followers of Islam, which forbids all
consumption of alcohol, are working with a veteran, Christian-based
temperance group to fight against drinking.

The Islamic Society of North America, representing 300 Islamic
organizations, last year joined the National Temperance and Prohibition
Council, forming a partnership with 14 Christian groups.

At the council's annual meeting in Plainfield, Rev. Allen Rice of the
Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcohol Problems, said, "Getting the
attention of millions of Muslims in America is a powerful boost for us.

The council meeting issued 10 resolutions, including a call for reduction
of alcohol in medications and opposition to TV ads that promote alcohol
consumption by youths.


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