The invisible is made visible in the universe by works. 

Action when perceived demonstrates the inner state. 

Just as God is Invisible, he is made Visible by his works of and with his Creation. 

In the same way one humanís love for another undemonstrated is not known by the intended recipient. 

This is a beauty that can not be understood solely by the mind, but must also be felt by the heart as well. 

We can gain a vision of God not solely guided by our imagination, but also understood in heartfelt reflection of Godís works manifested in Creation. 

This is infinitely more beautiful of and true to Godís Majesty. 

Being an image of God, we can individually mirror Godís characteristics held in Infinite magnitude to himself, and finite in ourselves. 

We must balance mercy and power as God must balance infinite Mercy and Wrath. 

Balance is necessary between Power and Compassion, Wisdom is balanced with Love, Strength by Subtlety, Withholding by Providing, Punishment by Forbearance.