World of Confusion


World of confusion, I find myself in,

Canít decide who to believe in.

Axis of evil or a lone gunman,

A leader with no agenda and no consensus,

Or a mad dictator who lost his senses.

I canít even tell which is which,

Blood for Oil, quick to get rich.

Money makes the world go round,

But petroleum lubricates the machinery,

In a world of confusion things arenít always what they seem to be.

A vocabulary of deception to distort your perception,

Weapons of mass destruction or warfare by convention.

Peace achieved by preparation, or war best won by prevention.

History repeating itself with World Wars and Great Depressions.

Instead of answers Iím left with more questions.

True lies and true confessions, keep me guessing,

Whatís the answer, whatís the solution?

No answers, only questions, itís a world of confusion.


© Osman 2003

Written on the spot at the Poets for Peace reading at Ruta Maya on February 12, 2003