I pray

Helpless I stand before u
My eyes bellowed up with tears
U give me a peace and comfort
I have searched for all my years

Hopeless my mind keeps wondering
Yet my body still stands strong
For all the dreams of others are fading
Where did our world go wrong?

In all this tragedy and madness
Throughout the fire and smoke
We travel the blazen roads blaming
Forgetting the words U once spoke

In fear and restlessness we keep moving
In despair our lives have become
Yet in the end some of us will be rewarded
Paradise is yet to be won.

Allah forgive us for our shortcomings
Forgive us for our lack of Faith
Forgive us for the demons we possess
Forgive us for the many mistakes we make

Allah fill my heart with hope again
Allah take me back home
I find myself running frantically
Forgetting that I am not alone

Allah I accept this challenge
Allah I accept this test
Allah for u I give my all
For U I will do my best

I realize I am but one who serves
But your servant I will be
Until the day we are returned to U
For it is U that sets the captive free.

Written by
Fajr Hakiki
March 25, 2003