God is Greater


We’re fighting against the nons, but why all the violent brutality?

If you’d read the entire Book, it would change your gang mentality. 

We’re battling against the uns, we’re even warring with each other,

If you trace it all the way back, you’d see that I’m your brother. 


We’re all in a long race, working hard to cross the finish,

If we could just work together, we’d be sure to make the distance.

Instead we’re knocking each other down, fulfilling Satan’s whisper,

If you’d open up your heart, you’d see that she’s your sister.


If I’m a weak Muslim and you’re a righteous Jew,

Of course I’m going to heaven but most definitely not you.

God is Greater, God is Greater.

All except the Christians, are pre-destined for hell,

Might as well throw in the Mormons, and the Catholics in as well.

God is Wiser, God is the Loving.

Even if we accept Abraham’s Three, we must reject the rest,

They haven’t made the grade, name one man who passed the test.

God is the All Embracing, God is the Gatherer.

He is the Best Creator and he made us all one family,

So we could know one another, and finish our story in harmony.

God is Everlasting Mercy, God is Infinite Compassion. 


I thought our job was to help our brother and to be his witness,

Not to fight against him, just because we see some difference.

That wise son of Mary took a simple lesson off the shelf,

He said love God with all you have, and your brother as yourself. 


Was he the only one to teach this Truth, to pass it down to us?

When you do your homework, you'll find many others to discuss.

His brothers and sisters have been saying this all through the ages,

You’d know this if you’d listened to the Great One, and his saints and sages.


It would definitely be much better, if you other folks weren’t around,

We would have a pure group, and we could wear the crown.

God is the King of kings, God is the Lord of lords.

You think that you’re better, and that you’ve got the Whole Truth,

Don’t poke out my eye, when I only struck your tooth.

God is the Best Judge, God is the Most Fair.

When we love each other and treat God as the Most High,

Then we can’t fail to see the plank in our own eye.

God is the Forgiver, God is the Patient.

Then we can take it out, but not beat our neighbor with the wood,

We can use it to build a plowshare, and both sow something good. 

God is the Source of Peace, God is the Bestower.


We’ve got to all come together and understand that we are connected,

Don't you remember when we were brought out of Adam all perfected?

We’re all waiting on the Messiah, to gather us together at Mount Zion,

But if we can’t learn to love each other, why would the lamb lay down with the lion?


There are many ways to worship God, but only one God to worship,

We may be on different paths, but we’re all taking the same trip.

Your God, my God, his God, the truth is they’re all the same One,

When we come to know one God of all mankind, the race we will have won.


God could have made us all one group, could have made us all one nation,

But if we were all the same, we could never fall in to temptation.

God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest.

Believe in God and the Last Day, and compete in doing good deeds,

The judgment belongs to God, you can’t see what the scoreboard reads.

God is the Guide, God is the Light.

the final return for all is to God, at the end He'll tell us how we did ,

Success wasn't getting rid of our brother, our own evil we must have rid.

God is all Aware, God is the Witness.

I’m taking a stand that we can’t keep fighting and killing each other,

and since I’ve learned that God is Love, I love you as my brother. 

God is Greater, God is Greater.  There is no god but God.


© Yahya 2002