Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Are you searching for Glory?  God is the Glorious.

Are you talking about understanding?  God is the Wise.

Are you moving towards justice?  God is the Just.

Are you marching in to grace?  God is the Gracious.

Are you racing against patience?  God is the Patient.

Are you attacking against violence?  God is the Protector.

Are you fighting against evil?  God is the Source of All Goodness.

Are you exploding with love?  God is the Loving.

Are you overflowing with charity?  God is the Provider.

Are you chasing down the Truth?  God is the Truth.

Are you trying to remain humble?  God is the Majestic.

Are you seeking good counsel?  God is the Guide.

Are you hoping to subdue your enemies?  God is the Subduer.

Are you looking for war?  God is the Source of Peace.

Are you walking in the darkness?  God is the Light.


2003 Yahya