America is Babylon 

Every where I turn and look the drums of war are pounding,

Every time I open my ears the calls for war are sounding.

They say there’s no time to think, to question why we’re going,

Stick your finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.


Those who make a plea for peace are labeled unpatriotic,

Those who say there is another way are derided as idiotic.

The bumper stickers ask the question ‘what would Jesus do?’

No time to check the Book Iraq - America’s coming after you.


So let’s go to war against Iraq,

Nothing could go wrong,

Once we occupy the country,

America is Babylon!


All people are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,

I guess life, liberty and happiness for Iraqis get lost with the fight.

There’s no question the whore of Babylon has committed many sins,

But when we use evil to fight against evil, evil is the only one who wins.


I heard a wise man once say that "Babylon system is the vampire,"

From where I stand it looks like America is the new Roman Empire. 

That empire was great and powerful, but like all it eventually fell,

Because we say ‘God Bless America’, does that keep us from going to hell?


So let’s put troops on the ground,

An oil rig in Iraq’s front lawn,

Once the gas is flowing,

America owns Babylon!


God says that he grants every nation its allotted time under the sun,

If we think we're right only because we’re America, then our time is surely done. 

What makes this country great is not the fact that we’ve got the biggest stick,

It’s being true to our founding fathers’ vision that makes the clock still tick.


We’re running out of time, soon we won’t be able to turn back the clock,

Don’t worry this could never start World War III, we’re just invading Iraq.

Once we strike first, every other nation can justify their own desire,

History can then tell the story of how we set the world on fire.


Don’t worry it’s not Armageddon,

It’s Halliburton and Chevron,

Once we worship Mammon,

America is Babylon!


Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers for they are the children of God,

How then does America’s Commander-in-Chief strike first with the rod?

Nation shall not fight against nation, neither shall they learn war any more,

It will happen one day, but first must the son settle the father’s score?


It’s not to late to say no,

To give peace a chance,

Come to me America,

This is our last dance. 


Babylon the Great has fallen, has fallen. 

© Yahya 2002