Is Mullah Umar the Anti-Christ?  by Faisal Islam

He appears to match the Hadith descriptions of Dajjal ( Anti-Christ)  because 1) He has one eye 2) He is from Khurasan ( Afghanistan) 3) he wears the Cloak of Muhammad 4) He declared himself to be Amirul Momineen ( successor of the Prophet) 5) He came with a vision of Fire and a Garden ( His version of Paradise is actually Hell) 6) If he is an Afghan he is probably of Israelite descent making him the Davidian Messiah 7) He moves very fast from East to West as stated in Hadiths. 8) He says Allah came to him in person in a Dream. 

I've found out some information about the Dajjal's eye.  Hadith in al-Bukhari: 

"When Dajjal appears, his complexion will be white and his right eye will be blind, while the left eye will shine like a bright star."      I am not sure what the exact source of this Hadiths is but I found it here website   This information seems to fit the exact photo of Mullah Umar found in website.  His left eye looks like its glowing.  I've also seen that photo of Mullah Umar  floating around in other websites.  I've taken a look at the Hadiths .  It appears that different Hadiths say different things about the blind eye.....I would imagine that one of the narrations is accurate ...and I am leaning towards the opinion that Mullah Umar is Dajjal because of his "close fit" to prophecy.  Here are select Hadiths.

Sahih Muslim Book 041, Number 7005: ( Blind Right Eye)